The Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show Second Round Starts

The Next Internet Millionaire reality show hosted by Joel Comm started its second round of voting today and lasts until June 27th. After that twelve final contestants will be flown to Colorado for filming.

The second round takes users voting as 30% of the equation in determining the final twelve. The other main considerations in my opinion are viewer interest and potential jv potential.

Here is my audition video for the second round.

I had more, but you can only do 2 minutes for the official videos.

Please vote for me as The Next Internet Millionare and rate my audition video a 10.

For now, here are some millionaires, best-selling authors, professional speakers, former cult members and top internet marketers who endorse me, 6'11" Jason Henderson, as The Next Internet Millionaire.

After you vote for me, come back here and click on the video above to get the flash code to put it on your blog or website. Go do it now!

If you have the wp video plugin, use the following link:

12 thoughts on “The Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show Second Round Starts

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  9. Dan

    I have hired Jason for his services in the past. He is the best at what he does and has become a great friend. Please vote for Jason, you wont regret it.

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