The Irresistable Offer by Mark Joyner for Free

Mark Joyner has decided to offer the electronic version of The Irresistable Offer How to Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less for free. This is one of the top marketing books of all time.

Mark is doing some sort of jedi marketing test. No, he isn't testing hidden forced continuity.


Joe Vitale said the following about The Irresistable Offer:

"I've read every book on marketing printed in the last 150 years.  This is the first breakthrough in over 50 years."

So if you want to know how to sell your product or service in 3 seconds or less by making an irresistable offer, go download it for free.

big jason

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5 thoughts on “The Irresistable Offer by Mark Joyner for Free

    1. Big Jason

      ? you have to signup so its not free? that makes no sense. is browsing the web not free because you have to take time to do it? sorry, but when people say its not really free there usually is a s & h fee or something like that. signing up takes the time it took to read this comment. sounds like the irresistable offer is “free” to me

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