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Mark Joyner Word of Mouth Transformation About to Close


The Mark Joyner Word of Mouth Transformation Experience is about to close registration because the coaching starts on Tuesday, September 25th.

I've already started and printed out the 7 day word of mouth marketing accelerator kit.  It is awesome.  My bunnies, Piggly Wiggly and Bunkins, even gave it the nibble of approval as shown below.


Mark Joyner, the godfather of internet marketing, came out swinging by proclaiming the only way to be buzzworthy that matters in business is…….

It is the same thing that is the only way to build lasting, organic word of mouth according to Mark.

I don't know what has gotten into the godfather, but he seems to think I know something about being buzzworthy and generating word of mouth. He sent over some of his boys to gently encourage me to create 7 bonus videos to be included in this product.

Why doesn't Joyner listen to Shawn Collins, Joel Comm or any of the haters from The Next Internet Millionaire?

Not only will he not leave me alone, but his copywriter, Million Dollar Mike Morgan, won't shut up about me!


"My name is David Wilkinson and I’m the famous 13-year old marketer from Manchester � in the UK. Now I’m making a heck of a lot of money online, primarily through affiliate marketing, and I’m developing my product, Affiliate Defined. Basically, what the package is, is a core eBook, side-modules, hopefully some videos, and a whole bucket of audios. Then on top, you’ve got insider interviews with the top names in the business.

We’re talking about guys like Mark Joyner of Simpleology, Tellman Knudson, Michael Cheney, Harris Fellman, Michel Fortin, Million Dollar Mike Morgan, Brian Edmondson, Paulie Sabol, Alex Jeffreys, Jason James and even some totally ‘undercover’ guys who’s names I can’t reveal.

Anyways, I've added one expert to that list, and his name is Jason Henderson.  I was impressed with "Big Jason" after I saw the first episode of The Next Internet Millionaire.  I was talking to Million Dollar Mike Morgan about Big Jason, and he said "We're doing a JV!" It says a lot to me if Mark Joyner and Million Dollar Mike Morgan want to work with Big Jason.  I can't wait to interview Big Jason for my product."

David Wilkinson
Affiliate Defined

Anyways, here are the four word of mouth key areas of improvement as stated by Mark Joyner.

  1. You'll
  2. Have to
  3. Find Out
  4. Yourself!

Sorry, but that would be evil of me to reveal those four key areas.

This should be a no brainer for you.

Mark asked me to contribute to the Word of Mouth Transformation Experience, and I'm still taking it.  I can still learn a lot from the godfather.  You can learn a lot as well.

I'll see you on the call Tuesday.

big jason

P.S. Remember you have until Monday night to register.

Word of Mouth Transformation Experience from Mark Joyner

I'm writing because I can't tell you to take part in Mark Joyner's "Word of Mouth Transformation" experience.

Why not? Because I haven't seen it yet. No one has. Mark lives in New Zealand, so my threats of physical violence don't work against him!

What I can tell you is that I, myself, will be registering for it the moment the clock strikes 8PM on the east coast:

Why will I be doing this myself?

1. I just got off a live webcast Mark did where 1,800 people from around the world (including some from Turkey, Iran, China, and India!) listened to him teach some of the basics of his new Word of Mouth technology. You can also listen to the replay.

If it's a 10th as good as I think it will be it will be a bargain.

2. Registration is only going to be open for a short time. If you miss out you miss out.

3. I recommend you register, just to hold your seat, and then decide later.

Get this – Mark has put up a full 1 year refund policy. Dan Kennedy would be proud.

That means you could do the whole training and get a refund at the end if you wanted it.

Or, you could register, then cancel a day later if you decide it's not for you.

So, I don't know if this will be right for you (it sure will for me), but what I *do* know is this:

If you don't register, you probably won't ever get the chance to do so again – ever.

So, do yourself a favor and register as soon as the doors open. Reserve your virtual "seat" on this roller coaster ride, and then
decide later.


big jason
P.S. Word of mouth has been big for me, and it can be BIG for you. I hope you'll take this experience with me .

Word of Mouth Advertising Is Getting A Facelift

Word of mouth advertising is getting a facelift from Mark Joyner, the godfather of internet marketing.

Checkout some excerpts from Mark’s blog in the video below

Not sure if you've been keeping up with the watershed series of posts Mark Joyner has been making to the Simpleology blog about the most powerful force in marketing, word of mouth advertising.

If you haven't been, I just wanted to point out that it's all culminating in a free live webcast tonight where he will reveal "The 4 WOMKAIs."

I have no flippin' idea what those are, but if the previous posts are any indication, they will some extremely simple ideas to transform your business.

I'll definitely be on the call – I hope you will, too.

Rumor has it this may only play once and if you don't listen in you'll miss out on one whale of a cool freebie (not available anywhere else).

Just go to the Simpleology Blog.

big jason

P.S. If you don't remember, Mark Joyner was the first featured expert on The Next Internet Millionaire reality show I was on recently. By all accounts, he had the most impact of any expert that was there. Don't miss out!