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Send Laura Martin to Party with Shoemoney in Las Vegas

Laura Martin, my lovely fellow Next Internet Millionaire contestant, is competing to win a trip to Las Vegas at Pubcon with famous blogger, ShoeMoney. She wants to party like a search engine rockstar and learn something at Pubcon while she is sober.

Her competition are two lightweights. She was drunk off her ass 75% of the time on and off the set of The Next Internet Millionaire.

She even wanted to go to Las Vegas with ShoeMoney while she was at the Loser's Lounge in Colorado.  Checkout this video.

Go Vote Now and Send Laura to Vegas!

Here is a pic of Laura and Charles Trippy of Viral Video Fever fame.


This is Laura and Steve Schuitt.  They were two of the most underrated contestants on the show.  Anybody that doesn't think so is an idiot.


This is Laura with Joel Comm, Steve Schuitt and some tall guy.


Here is Laura with the godfather of internet marketing and founder of Simpleology, Mark Joyner, Steve Schuitt and some tall guy.


I don't drink, and I don't like it when Laura drinks.  But she is going to drink regardless, so she might as well learn some things and make some major connections to build her business while she's at it.

big jason
P.S.  Voting ends soon.  Go Vote NOW!

Next Internet Millionaire Episode 12

Next Internet Millionaire episode 12 is online. Rich Schrefen was the guest speaker on this episode. There is a huge twist at the end.

Watch it now below and post your comments.

Seems the two finalists have launched products of their own already.

Jaime Luchuck released a book called Cubicle to Millionaire.

Charles Trippy is launching Viral Video Fever.

They have a contest going on to see who can get generate the most sales. I personally don’t care for Jaime for the pure b.s. she said about me on the show and in her book. The book is actually pretty good.

However, Charles has a much better product and a lot more going for him. My vote is going towards Charles Trippy.

Go buy Viral Video Fever. It rocks.

big jason
P.S. Want to know more about the b.s. from Jaime? I think I’m going to wait and give first dibs to shoemoney who recently gave me props in a video. He is suppose to interview me for his show, and I am suppose to interview him for a product. What are you waiting for Jeremy? Don’t make me slap an armbar on you! You won’t have to ask twice or beg to get me to spill the beans like what’s his face.

Pepperjam CEO Kris Needs A Beating – Feedburner

You heard me! Pepperjam Ceo Kris does need a beating for not using a FeedBurner email subscription form for the pepperjam blog. He comes to my blog to lure me away to his blog and then says "piss off, we don't use feedburner here".

If you haven't guessed yet, I subscribe to blogs via email which means feedburner 99% of the time. If feedburner is good enough for Jeremy Shoemaker at Shoemoney, then it should be good enough for Pepperjam.

Jeremy needs a beating for thinking that Dan Henderson had the edge on the ground over Rampage, but he uses feedburner so that cancels it out for now.  I'm sure he'll deserve a beating later for something to do with backstabber Thor Schrock, but he's off the hook for now.

What's the moral of these ramblings?  Use FeedBurner for your blog to make it easy for readers to get updates to your blog, and you'll also get some cool stats as well. 

Not getting a beating from the guy who has Shoemoney's readers pissing in their pants just from watching him on a silly reality show is icing on the cake.

i’m off further into the darkside,

big jason

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