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Are You An Internet Marketer That Is About To Die?

The thing I know about internet marketers is that they don't move enough or eat right.

I know you probably thought I was going to say that I knew internet marketers were alcoholics, but that is only true about a large majority of internet marketers who hang out late at night during seminars.  Laura, are you listening?

Rob Smith and I will be answering questions and sharing how to eat better and get the most out of exercise in the least amount of time during a free webinar Tuesday night, September 18th at 8pm CST. All you need to do is register for more information about the Mid West Internet Marketing Superconference. I will be speaking there at the end of September with Jeff Mills, Matt Bacak, Reed Floren, Pat Lovell and many other great speakers. 

Registering for more information not only gives you access to my webinar, but it also gives you access to over 15 hours of other webinars too.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Hope to see you on the webinar and help you be there for your children when they need you the most.

big jason

P.S. If it is past the date of the webinar, sign up for free anyways to get the replay!

JV Broker Reed Floren Comes Down With Virus

Super JV Joint Venture Broker Reed Floren was sent into outer space with me and other monkeys to test the 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit from Mark Joyner.

When we got back to earth, Reed found out that he had caught the Wealth Virus.

Joint Ventures are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to internet marketers, or any one else. Listen as Reed spills the magic beans about JV partnerships-

  • What they are
  • How to create them
  • How to use them to explode your business.

Watch this video for some testimonials verifying that Reed has the stuff.

Reed recently launched Ultimate Joint Ventures Live Coaching, but you can get some free information on doing joint ventures from Reed by registering for the Wealth Virus.

It's not an accident that affiliate marketing expert Shawn Collins is the only big name hating on me for The Next Internet Millionaire reality show while everyone else like tellman knudson, mark joyner, million dollar mike morgan, dave lakhani, andy duncan, brian edmondson, david wilkinson and harris fellman want to work with me.

You need to be infected by the Wealth Virus if you want to learn how to get big joint venture partners like Reed Floren and I.

Register now for the free Wealth Virus.

hasta la vista,
big jason

P.S. Don’t worry, Shawn. I still love you.

Ultimate Joint Ventures Live Coaching by Reed Floren

Reed Floren is offering live coaching on ultimate joint ventures.

How would you like to know the secret of the big boys? Do think it is an accident that I am working with Tellman Knudson, Andy Duncan, Brian Edmondson, Harris Fellman, Dave Lakhani, Million Dollar Mike Morgan and some little known internet marketer named Mark Joyner? <– Wasn't he a guest expert on the next internet millionaire???

I want to introduce you to my good friend Reed Floren because he actually knows what he is talking about and practices what he preaches. 

“My Prediction within the next ten years “Reed Floren” will be a household name”

- Mark Joyner, the godfather of internet marketing and creator of Simpleology

I am speaking on the same stage with Reed in Minnesota later this month..

Reed is a super successful marketer who counts many of the marketing world's top names as his clients.

Reed has worked one on one with people like Mark Joyner, Russell Brunson, Jason Oman, Joel Comm and tons of other successful marketers.

In fact his list of clients reads like a who's who of internet marketing.

Check out this video.

Reed is also a super affiliate because when he gets behind a site and promotes it he is one of the top sellers.

Reed's been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, radio programs, books and websites; because of what he has been able to do online.

Did I mention that Reed is only 21 years old? That just happens to be the age of next internet millionaire contestant, Steve Schuitt.

Reed's going to share with you two words that can make anyone go from Zero to Hero in any niche market in record

"Joint Ventures"

Reed's been leveraging the use of joint ventures for quite some time now and many of the world's top marketers have hired him to manage their promotions and mold them into the marketing force they are today.

Reed's got an extremely powerful coaching program coming out which will share with you how to go from…

No list
No product
No contacts

And turn yourself into one of the most well respected guru's making loads of sales from your web sites and promotions.

In fact Reed likes to call Joint Ventures…

"How To Go From Zero To Hero… FAST!"

As a special bonus Reed told me if you are one of the 50 who order by midnight tonight he guarantees you'll get access to the following bonuses:

1. Reed will interview you or you will interview Reed on internet marketing

2. You will get a transcript of that call

3. You will create a web site and promo material together

4. You will work together and create the graphics/web site

5. Reed will invite other marketers to promote the new web site

6. You and Reed will split the profits and he will turn you into a mini-celebrity

7. Free private consultation

8. Bonus Question and Answer

Reed could easily sell just that component alone for well over $5,000 but he's including it as a special bonus for the next 50 people who take action.

Reed also told me…

"I'm also giving them an awesome guarantee if they follow my system to the T.

1. You will learn how to successfully create joint ventures

2. You will have your very own profitable web site

3. You will get your own mailing list

4. You will learn how to crank out money on autopilot

5. You will become a mini-celebrity (Didn't you see a grip of top internet marketers endorsing me for the next internet millionaire?  I had some of them asking me if they could endorse me.  Reed will show you how to generate BIG buzzes like me)

If I fail to do ANY of those things you will get ALL of your money back!"

There's no risk for you… I have never ever seen a guarantee that gives you that much.

Reed truly wants you to succeed and he's got the marketing know how to make it work. Check out his site and you'll see tons of testimonials from some of the largest internet marketers and even a special note from a BILLIONAIRE.

Grab Reed's coaching now and stop doing just little joint ventures.  Go big!  That's the only way I roll.

big jason

P.S. What was that?  Did I purchase his coaching?  You silly wabbit!  I already work with Reed.