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Are You An Internet Marketer That Is About To Die?

The thing I know about internet marketers is that they don't move enough or eat right.

I know you probably thought I was going to say that I knew internet marketers were alcoholics, but that is only true about a large majority of internet marketers who hang out late at night during seminars.  Laura, are you listening?

Rob Smith and I will be answering questions and sharing how to eat better and get the most out of exercise in the least amount of time during a free webinar Tuesday night, September 18th at 8pm CST. All you need to do is register for more information about the Mid West Internet Marketing Superconference. I will be speaking there at the end of September with Jeff Mills, Matt Bacak, Reed Floren, Pat Lovell and many other great speakers. 

Registering for more information not only gives you access to my webinar, but it also gives you access to over 15 hours of other webinars too.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Hope to see you on the webinar and help you be there for your children when they need you the most.

big jason

P.S. If it is past the date of the webinar, sign up for free anyways to get the replay!

Better Posture Guaranteed at Big Seminar 9

I just got back from Armand Morin’s Big Seminar where Armand had me speak Saturday morning about Better Posture Guaranteed of which he is a happy customer. I saw him two weeks ago in Chicago for the Dan Kennedy Bill Glazer Super Conference where he spoke. Armand told me that he was still using the system, and it was definitely helping with his [TAG-Tec]back problems[/TAG-Tec]. Here is his initial testimony.

Shame on Armand though because his wife Marianna told me during the conference that she has been asking him to show her the system, but he hasn’t gotten around to it. I took it upon myself to show her the system so she could experience some of the same benefits that her husband does. Here is her testimony. Yes, babies love the Better Posture Guaranteed system too. That is their cute, little baby girl, Avery.

Joe Polish, President of Piranha Marketing, and Brian Standage, CEO of Piranha Marketing, were both in the building and gave me video testimonials after experiencing the Better Posture Guaranteed system.

Mel Johnson purchased the Better Posture Guaranteed system at Stu McLaren’s Idea Incubator but didn’t open it until he couldn’t play with daughter because of severe back pain.

New York Times best seller of the Adsense Code, Joel Comm, had received the Better Posture Guaranteed system previously from my business partner, Rob Smith, but he was a slacker like many internet marketers. I got him to give me fifteen minutes to go through the most impactful stretches and exercises, and he was extremely impressed even though he whined like a baby when we worked on his [TAG-Tec]IT band[/TAG-Tec]. Here is what he had to say about myself, Rob, and the Better Posture Guaranteed system.

Craig Perrine was in the same boat as Joel. I finally cornered him at Stu McLaren’s Idea Incubator in Dallas and worked with him. See you later [TAG-Tec]low back pain[/TAG-Tec] and [TAG-Tec]foot pain[/TAG-Tec]!

My business partner, Rob Smith, had noticed Jim Edwards poor posture at the previous big seminar. Jim actually walked up to me this time and asked about the Better Posture Guaranteed system. Here is what he thought after taking out his credit card and purchasing it.

I put Matt Bacak through the Better Posture Guaranteed system at Stu McLaren’s Idea Incubator, and he was blown away. I asked for a video testimonial at Big Seminar, and this is what he had to say. BTW, his baby girl loves to play with the foam roll, and his 9 year old girl told me “I love the foam roll. It’s really good for my back”. ;)

Lynn Pierce had been hearing about my speaking events and the great response from event promoters and participants alike.  We met at Big Seminar 9 to discuss the possibility of me coming to speak at her event in July.  Well after hearing me speak Saturday morning and working with me one-on-one, it was a done deal.