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MarketingSherpa's Email Summit in Miami March 2007

My second year at MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit was extremely profitable once again. Last year was in Chicago while this year was in Miami. Here is a picture of Anne Holland, president of MarketingSherpa, and myself after several takes. Anne is famous for closing her eyes during pictures, so this was the best one. Anne claims I almost gave her whiplash when I appeared before her on the last day in my Joel Bauer suit after wearing just shorts and a t-shirt the previous day. It wasn’t entirely my fault. The conference hotel didn’t have dry cleaning if you can believe that, and I had just come from another conference in Dallas.

Anne Holland and Jason Henderson at the Email Summit

I last saw Anne at the 2006 Miva Conference in San Diego where she was a keynote speaker. Unfortunately Stefan Tornquist, research director at MarketingSherpa, didn’t stay for most of the last day and missed out on getting his picture taken with me.

What went on at this year’s Email Summit? Here is a small taste of what you missed.

  • Other then the dry cleaning, the restaurant, check-in, check-out, the conference location and setup was great.
  • I would have liked to see a more advanced session from EmailLabs. Where was Loren? Their session was good but basic, and I heard and read the same thing from others.
  • Reputation was all the rage, but have people forgotten about everyone who uses somename@some-company.com from their HSP (Hosting Service Provider) where Spam Assassin is used to analyze emails for spam? For example, I just read the Motley Fool from my spam folder based on their Spam Assasin score. And what about McAFee and other desktop spam checkers? Did I miss that session?
  • Where was video and audio for opt-in and response landing pages? It is 2007, and Web 2.0 is big right now. Info marketers could learn a lot if they educated themselves more about email marketing, but more mainstream marketers could learn from them as well when it comes to using audio and video.
  • I was able to interview Habeas, EmailLabs, IPost, Responsys, WhatCounts, LisTrak, DirectLogic, Exact Target, Eloqua, Blue Sky Factory, GoodmailSystems, Strongmail, thee Email Diva, and Premiere eMarketing Solutions on video for an upcoming info product targeted towards info marketers called “Email Marketing in 2007: Get A Clue!
  • The deliverability clinic was excellent. There was no sell from what I saw. They just answered your questions and helped as much as possible with your deliverability issues.
  • I took over twenty pages of notes this year. Last year had several standout panels on deliverability and email design. This year had a more rounded group of sessions, but I still would have liked to see some panels like 2006.
  • The vendors were really cool and discussed a lot of different topics on email marketing with me while nobody was at their booth at the moment.
  • I happened to sit down for lunch at the very same table as Melinda Krueger, thee Email Diva from MediaPost. It was really cool to meet her in person since I have been reading her column for awhile.

Here are some pics of me and the little attendees of the Email Marketing Summit.

Here is Adam Meshot, Sales Executive, of of Blue Hornet Premier Emarketing Solutions.

Adam Meshot Blue Hornet at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2007

This is Greg Cangialosi, President, and Tim Barton, VP of Business Development, of Blue Sky Factory. It was interesting to find out that Blue Sky had actually worked with some Dan Kennedy cult members. That is actually a compliment since I am one of his cult members too.

Blue Factory Sky Email Marketing

This is Edward V Barrett, President of Direct Logic Solutions.


This is Rich Gaasenbeek, VP of Demand Generation, Eric Schouten, Deliverability Manager, and the rest of the guys and girl from Eloqua.


Here is Per Carde, Sr. Sales Rep, and Stefan Pollard, Directory of Consulting Services, of EmailLabs.


This is the Exact Target team.


Here is Christopher Word, Account Development, David Atlas, VP of Marketing, and Brook Rose, Marketing Coordinator, of the GoodmailSystems team.


This is J.F. Sullivan, VP of Marketing, and Chris Brubaker, Director of Marketing Communications, from Habeas.


This is Greg Fox, Vice President of Channel Sales and Business Development, and Marsha Stark, VP of Sales and Marketing, from IPost.


Here are the guys from Lyris.


This is Ryan Deutsch, VP of Sales, of Premiere eMarketing Solutions.

Premiere Emarketing Solutions

This is Scott Ollivier, Director of Product Management, Barry Stamos, Sr. Directory of Strategy, Kim Schwager from Continental Airlines, a Responsys client, and Carolyn Love, Marketing, of Responsys.


This is Scott Cundill from Majestic Interactive in South Africa.

Scott Candrel

This is Spencer Kollas, Directory of Delivery Services, Kristen Hersant, Director of Coporate Marketing, and another representative from StrongMail.


This is Christian Vanek, Co-Founder of Survey Gizmo.

Survey Gizmo

More detail on what you missed:MarketingSherpa’s 2007 Email Summit in Miami was a sell-out success. Attendees discovered the latest research and practical, real-world tactics to improve results:

  • How to grow your list faster — with names that respond
  • How to tweak your creative design for better results (including A/B and multivariate test Case Studies.)
  • How to automate personalized, high-impact campaigns including welcome series, purchase reminders, lead nurturing, loyalty generating, etc.
  • How to avoid filters and improve delivery (for permission mailers only.)
  • How to better measure engagement, test results, true delivery, and value-per-name (far beyond the open and click.)
  • Fresh content ideas to give your email newsletter new life 4 Interactive LabsMarketingSherpa’s Summit included interactive labs featuring interactive displays where attendees could get private one-on-one advice from experts to improve their results.Lab #1. How to Grow Your Opt-In List
    Sponsored by EmailLabs
  • Presentation and Q&A on permission list building techniques and the opt-in/out process.
  • Discover how multivariate and a/b tests can improve your opt-in rates by testing small (but significant) tweaks to your online forms.
  • See concrete examples of offline methods to grow your list.
  • Discover alternative, permission-based sources for opt-in names, such as co-registration, bartered partnerships, and opt-in promotions run on third party media.Lab #2. Email Design Lab
    Sponsored by Premiere Global Services
    Eyetracking provided by Eyetools, Inc.
  • Have a one-on-one design consultation with an expert consultant. Get advice as they view your actual email newsletters and alerts.
  • See how your own email creative renders across many different email clients – how do Yahoo! users see your messages? How do you look on a Blackberry? etc. Is your creative “broken” for viewing in popular ISPs?
  • Be inspired by real-life before-and-after email redesign case studies.
  • Take part in a live, on-site, eyetracking lab. See what it feels like to be one of the email recipients whose eye movements create the results heat maps.Lab # 3. Advanced Email Measurement & Integration
    Sponsored by Omniture and Responsys
  • Learn how your email analytics should tie together with other systems — especially Web analytics and sales force automation systems so you really know how much a click is worth.
  • Brainstorm ways to segment your list based on how they behave on your site *after* the clickthrough. For example, if someone visits multiple pages, should you increase email frequency or change your email offers to them?
  • Get ecommerce, lead generation, and content-site advice. Discover which advanced measurements can make your email programs more powerful.
  • Sit down for a one-on-one consultation with an email measurement expert. Yes, you can even bring along your own measurement reports for them to take a look at and advise you on. All consultations are private and confidential.Lab #4. Triggered & Automated Email Campaigns
    Sponsored by Datran Media
  • Find out how to make your email team’s job much easier — and improve response rates — by setting up more automated programs.
  • See ‘decision-tree’ email campaigns live in action. Interact on a trigger-based Web site and see how it changes the email offer you’d receive as an opt-in.
  • Gain new ideas from Case Study presentations featuring real-life triggered and automated campaigns with powerful results.
  • Brainstorm your own prospective campaign ideas in one-on-one consulting sessions with experts. Keynote: New Email Marketing Research — What Works, What Works Even Better & What Kills ResponseIn this practical numbers presentation, our real-life research team will reveal brand new research results that could change your 2007 plans. Includes:- New eyetracking study results of *actual attendees* email campaigns
    – Exclusive Transactional Email & Promotions study results, new for March 2007.
    – Revelations how many of your email marketing peers really use proven best practices in real-life. Plus, stats about budgets and testing plans for 2007. Includes results from an all new study of 250+ of the most advanced email marketers in the world.Top 2 Case Studies: Inspirational Marketers Present Newest Email Test ResultsDiscover what tests your marketing peers are trying — and how the results are so far. We picked three fascinating tests you may want to duplicate back at the office after the Summit:

    #1. Doubleday Entertainment runs more than 300 email campaigns to market books and book clubs every month. Get their latest test results including: emailing wishlists, cart abandons, behavioral targeting, list clean-up campaigns, event-triggered flows, offer tests, and of course subject lines.

    #2. Sprint Nextel has been testing adding promotional offers into their transactional messages routinely sent to customers. Find out how the tests worked out, and if this tactic is one you should consider copying.

    How to Improve Your Email Newsletters — Proven Tactics from Real Life Marketers

    The good news is both consumers and business execs are still signing up for email newsletter subscriptions in the millions. (The average list grows more than 20% per year.) But, newsletter open and click rates have been sagging for the past two years.

    Is your newsletter too routine? Do you have ‘click-me-now’ editorial content? This session will help you understand how to segment your newsletter for better responses, and how to create content that’s not just ‘yet another article’. Revive your content and revive your results.

    Office Politics – How to Get Your Budget & Email Best Practices Approved

    Do you dread returning to the office after an inspirational Summit, only to find your email improvement ideas are squashed by the Powers That Be? Learn specific real-world tactics for getting decision makers in an organization to move past the same old email marketing they’ve been doing for years. This session may be the most useful one of the entire Summit for you.

    Top 3 Ecommerce & Retail Case Studies

    Three real-life ecommerce marketers will present the results of recent tests to inspire you. Does something so simple as adding a security icon to your email creative improve sales? Discover’s PETCO’s data.

    Next, apparel marketers and marketers targeting the teen and 20-something demographic won’t want to miss West49’s Case Study. Hear how they launched an All Acccess Pass Loyalty program, and used the data to tailor future sales offers by gender and geography. Was all the extra work worthwhile? Find out.

    Top 6 B-to-B Case Studies

    Business-to-business email marketing challenges can be *completely different* from consumer campaigns. That’s why MarketingSherpa includes two full panel sessions featuring six new Case Studies from B-to-B marketers, including Intel, IBM, Bucyrus Blades, Adobe, Intertek, and BBiOnline.

    You’ll learn:

  • How to send dynamically driven offers out via your field sales force
  • Tips on international email marketing to execs outside the US
  • How emailing small-medium businesses is unlike marketing to the Fortune 500
  • Improved pre-event and post-event emails for webinars, trade shows and user conferences
  • How to use email for competitive positioningFundraising & Non-Profit Email CampaignsHorrible but true, the not-for-profit sector is one of the most behind in using email marketing. In this expanded 90-minute session, learn why fundraisers and charities are often so bad at email. Then be inspired by a series of real-life examples and Case Studies of fundraising emails that really work. Yes, after the Summit, we’ll send you a copy of the slide deck from this presentation (as well as the rest) so you can use the creative samples to galvanize your team’s work.Top 3 Arts & Entertainment Email Marketing Case StudiesAre you in charge of marketing tickets to an event? Whether you’re marketing for a symphony, an art exhibit, Shakespeare, or the Rolling Stones, be prepared for real-life samples and tactics to rev up your ticket sales. Yes, this 90-minute session features real-life marketers from both sides of the non-profit/for-profit fence. No matter what your budget is, you’ll get some worthwhile advice.Invited Presenters: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Berkley Repertory Theatre and TicketsNow.

    New Research + 2 Case Studies: Consumers Reveal What They Really Want from Email (But Does it Work?)

    This winter, two marketers from completely different organizations — a local credit union and a nation-wide entertainment ticket seller — asked consumers on their opt-in lists to take a survey that asked, “What do you really want in emails from us?”

    Find out what the consumers told the marketers. PLUS, discover how email response rates changed when the marketers ran test campaigns based on specific consumer feedback. Do consumers really want what they say they want? This is a fascinating session for anyone who’s ever run a reader survey or focus group.

    Integrating Mobile + Email Marketing

    Chances are many of the emails you send are being opened by people on their Blackberries, cell phones, and other PDAs. What does that mean for your clicks? Discover how to tweak your landing pages and/or site to be mobile-friendly without a complete overhaul. Plus, discover how advanced marketers include triggered text messaging as an automated supplement to their regular email programs.

    Buying Email Names: Append, List Rental & Co-Registration Realities

    If you are relying on your own site traffic and viral pass-along alone to build your list, you are missing up to 60% or more of your list growth potential. Please note: MarketingSherpa and our presenters only advocate 100% permission-based opt-in tactics where consumers proactively ask to be on your list. In this 90-minute session you’ll learn from brand-side marketers with real-life experience:

  • How to use append to “recover” email accounts that have lapsed when consumers switched addresses.
  • How to create permission-based campaigns to rental (double opt-in) names, asking them to join your list as well.
  • Why co-registration is the most aggressively growing sector of the list industry in 2007. Bootcamp Training Sessions Arrive early on Sunday March 4th for a half-day intensive bootcamp on email marketing. It’s perfect for marketers who want to train a team or bring themselves up to speed before the big expo. Bootcamp training is included *free* as part of your Summit ticket.Your instructor will cover all the basics, including:- Email Laws
    – Opt-ins and list management
    – How to measure campaign success
    – Frequency and content guidelines
    – Creative design and copywriting tips+ Exclusive Bootcamp Case Study:

    0-60: Lessons Learned from Creating a Successful Ecommerce Email Program From Scratch

    Marketers from Esscentual Brands — Vitabath and Claire Burke — never sent a single email to consumers until 2006. Discover how they launched all-new email programs, and tested everything from basics such as subject lines to advanced tests such as time of day, frequency, and cross-brand sampling. Real-life marketers behind the tests will reveal their result stats, including creative samples and which tests failed.

    Inspirational for every marketer who needs to start a high-powered email program from scratch (or re-invigorate slumping results).

    Awards Gala, Expo Floor & Networking Loungue

    MarketingSherpa’s Summit is the biggest gathering of email marketers anywhere in the globe. (See below for a list of who’s already reserved tickets….)

    We make networking easy with:

    o Welcome cocktail party Sunday night
    o Gala Awards party Monday night March 5th at Bongos Cuban Cafe, Miami — owned by Gloria Estafan
    o Networking breakfasts and lunches
    o Booths to meet 31 top vendors on show floor
    o Private networking lounge when you want to chat quietly with a fellow attendee one-on-one

    Bonus! Deliverability Clinic
    Sponsored by: Eloqua, ReturnPath, ExactTarget, Listrak, M4 Internet

    Depending on your list and content anywhere from 20-40% of your permission email may not be getting past filters — even though you think it is. Here’s your chance to get one-on-one advice about your unique situation, including:
    – Your content
    – Your design (including text vs HTML)
    – Your standing on blacklists
    – Your opt-in tactics
    – Your list demographics
    – Your reputation

    The Deliverability Clinic will be open for 10 hours during the main Email Summit. Stop in at your own convenience to get your questions answered in a private session with an expert.


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