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What Is Your Value Proposition?

Can you answer the following question?

What is your value proposition?

If you can’t answer this fundamental question or are unsure whether it is being clearly expressed or understood by your customers, then you may be interested in taking a course from MECLABS I just completed…

It reveals the single biggest element when it comes to increasing your conversions…

What element is that?

It’s your value proposition.

So what exactly is your value proposition?

If I’m your ideal prospect, why should I purchase from you than any of your competitors?

Here is my review of session one…

What is Your Value Proposition?

It clearly explains why the value proposition is the ultimate reason –  the reason WHY.

Why do customers say YES? Once you know why, getting more customers to say yes becomes much easier.

Session one also shows you how there are multiple levels of value propositions like the following:

  • Why should a prospect buy from you?
  • Why should a particular prospect buy from you?
  • Why should a particular prospect by a certain type of product rather than any other of this type of product?
  • Why should a particular prospect take this action rather than any other action.

It’s extremely helpful to see clear examples of each type of value proposition demonstrated with actual case studies.

You can see the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that have resulted in massive increases in conversions not just on single pages but entire sales funnels.

Because once you can express your value proposition on one page, doing so in the rest of the funnel is a piece of cake.

Session one also goes back in time to get a clear understanding of what exactly is a value proposition.

Marketers who have been misled into thinking MECLABS and MarketingExperiments research applies mostly to corporations would be surprised to hear the following names (among many others) mentioned.

  • Rosser Reeves
  • David Ogilvy
  • Claude Hopkins

You’ll also learn:

  • A brief historical overview of the term value proposition
  • A simplified and clear definition of the term value proposition
  • The essential role that a value proposition plays within an organization
  • How to identify three essential derivative value propositions (primary, prospect, product and process)

So there you have it. Session One of the MECLAB course of Value Proposition Development was informative and thought-provoking.

I’ve been learning about value propositions since 2005, but this is
the first time I’ve taken a full course. I use value proposition in my
high 7 figure product launches to single emails.

If you’re wondering what sets this course apart from all the rest, it’s because of the following:

  • Content based on a review of over 1,100 academic articles on the concept of value proposition.
  • The content is grounded in actual A/B split test results validated by a team of statisticians.
  • Content is grounded in over 15 years of research that spans more than 10,000 pages and paths, over 1 billion emails and covers all types of companies from all over the world.

If you’re ready, find out more information on why your customers say YES.

Talk soon,
Big Jason

P.S. This was my review of Session one. Look for my review of Session two — What Determines the Force of a Value Proposition?

MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2011

I’ll be attending my sixth MarketingSherpa Email Summit in January. This will be their sixth annual summit.

Yes that means I have been to every single one, and it is indeed that good…errrrr I mean great!

MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2011

Here are some highlights:

* New Location – Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas vs Past Location of Miami. I do love Miami and will miss hanging with my bud, Brian McElroy, but Vegas is driving distance from Los Angeles and is home to Craftsteak, my favorite place to eat of all time.
* Peer-to-Peer Learning – There will be no vendor sales pitches from the stage, just successful marketers sharing proven results. I love this fact.
* Latest Trends – Learn the latest in social media, mobile and application marketing. I always want to know what is working NOW and not yesterday or even last year.
* New Techniques – Develop new techniques to grow your list, increase ROI, improve deliverability, generate winning test ideas, cut costs and more. I always take a ton of notes and learn a lot.
* Different Needs – Dual B2B and B2C learning tracks offered to meet your specific needs. I typically don’t go to the B2B sessions, but some are actually really applicable to B2C so it all depends on the content.
* Tons of Content – 5 General Sessions and more than 20 Breakout Sessions, featuring Sherpa’s renowned research, training, interactive panels and case studies. You will be amazed at the amount of information shared.

There are going to be hundreds of attendees from around the world coming to the summit to network and hear from peers who have found success through creativity, personalization, segmentation, social media integration, testing and proper list management.

Here are just five reasons among the many that you should attend the MarketingSherpa Email Summit:

1. Focus on the Evolution of Email Marketing
The MarketingSherpa Email Summit continues to adapt to the ever-changing email marketing landscape. Social media integration, mobile, list growth strategies, winning test ideas and leveraging technology for results are just a few of the topics to be covered during three days of information-packed sessions. I love finding out all the latest and greatest ways to interact with prospects and customers.
2. More than 20 All-New Case Studies
Every Sherpa case study is chosen because of its results and superior ROI. You can bookmark these tactics without worrying about whether or not they’ll work – they’re already proven. You’ll definitely get some great ideas to test.
3. Dual B2B and Consumer Learning Tracks
Back by popular demand, choose from B2B or B2C sessions crafted specifically for marketers in each discipline. I go typically to 90% B2C sessions.
4. Relevant, Interactive Training
Receive top-tier training to optimize your entire email program. Find out how to identify holes in your program that could be leaking revenue. Then fix the leaks and reap the rewards of higher ROI. You will learn so much its sick!
5. Exclusive $600 Discount <-- Ends Soon

So go read more about the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2011 and join me in Vegas. You won’t regret it.

big jason

Ditching MarketingSherpa Email Summit Event for Hooters

This past Monday night was the 2009 MarketingSherpa Email Summit (#emailsummit) gala at Bongos Cuban Cafe, but Brian McElroy persuaded me to go to Hooters instead. This was our last night to work on my copy for Better Email Deliverability Guaranteed, so we needed someplace open late and quick.

Watch the video below with some musings about the email summit and comedy alike.

Subscribe to my blog for an upcoming interview with Lyris, the email service provider Brian switched to from a low end autoresponder service.

big jason
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Landing Page Optimization Workshop by MarketingExperiments

I will be attending my fourth MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Miami on March 15-17, and I have also just registered for their Landing Page Optimization Workshop and Certification on the 14th.


The workshop will be about the following and more:

  1. How to prioritize messages and optimize your own landing pages using our patent-pending conversion formula
  2. How to identify and express an effective value proposition that motivates your page visitors toward the desired action
  3. How to reduce your website abandon rate by minimizing Friction and overcoming the remainder through effective incentives
  4. How to increase page relevance and reduce visitor anxiety
  5. How to design landing pages to hold and engage the attention of your readers
  6. How to test and track metrics and analyze results to make further improvements

The Landing Page Optimization Workshop will be lead by one of the most experienced website optimization teams in the world. The instructors include (See the full bios):

  • Dr. Flint McGlaughlin – the Director of the MECLABS Sciences Group
  • Jimmy Ellis – Director of Optimization Research for MarketingExperiments
  • Jeanne Hopkins – Chief Marketing Officer for MECLABS
  • Aaron Rosenthal – Director of Channels Research for MarketingExperiments

Attend The Landing Page Optimization Workshop and Certification by MarketingExperiments

hope to see you in miami,
big jason

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MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2009 Discount

I have attended all three MarketingSherpa Email Summits, the world’s biggest and baddest email marketing conference bar none. Will I be attending their fourth summit this March in Miami? Do bunnies like to mount? With no pitching products allowed from speakers and a $400 discount, I would be a big idiot not to attend.

Here I am in Chicago 2006 with Stefan Tornquist, head of research at MarketingSherpa.

Stefan Tornquist

This is Scott Cundill from Majestic Interactive in South Africa at the Summit in Miami 2007.

Scott Candrel

This is Jenni Edwards of Compendium BlogWare at the Summit in Miami 2008.

Jennie Edwards of Compendium BlogWare

The Email Summit is going to cover some killer email marketing topics like the following:

* Using artificial intelligence to optimize your email marketing

* Revamping email design to improve email results

* More profits with email segmentation

* Mobile email marketing

* Enhanced email landing pages

* And much, much more!

One of the best things I love about the Email Summit are the vendors at the exhibits. They have no problem sharing and discussing strategies, what’s working best and much more.

Another cool thing is the free one on one consulting sessions with experts from the top email marketing companies in the world. You can schedule free sessions on email deliverability and much more.

And if you think MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments are too corporate and won’t work in your business or market, think again. The information you will learn here applies to information marketing, affiliate marketing and more.

There are two ways to attend. You can come early and get certified as an email marketing professional like myself or you can just attend the main conference.

Get Your MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2009 Discount Ticket Now!

Hope to see you there,
big jason
P.S. Anyone who purchases a ticket through me receives a copy of Better Email Deliverability Guaranteed.

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