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Send Laura Martin to Party with Shoemoney in Las Vegas

Laura Martin, my lovely fellow Next Internet Millionaire contestant, is competing to win a trip to Las Vegas at Pubcon with famous blogger, ShoeMoney. She wants to party like a search engine rockstar and learn something at Pubcon while she is sober.

Her competition are two lightweights. She was drunk off her ass 75% of the time on and off the set of The Next Internet Millionaire.

She even wanted to go to Las Vegas with ShoeMoney while she was at the Loser's Lounge in Colorado.  Checkout this video.

Go Vote Now and Send Laura to Vegas!

Here is a pic of Laura and Charles Trippy of Viral Video Fever fame.


This is Laura and Steve Schuitt.  They were two of the most underrated contestants on the show.  Anybody that doesn't think so is an idiot.


This is Laura with Joel Comm, Steve Schuitt and some tall guy.


Here is Laura with the godfather of internet marketing and founder of Simpleology, Mark Joyner, Steve Schuitt and some tall guy.


I don't drink, and I don't like it when Laura drinks.  But she is going to drink regardless, so she might as well learn some things and make some major connections to build her business while she's at it.

big jason
P.S.  Voting ends soon.  Go Vote NOW!

First Next Internet Millionaire Contestant Product Launch

Laura Martin, my girl from The Next Internet Millionaire, just launched IM Triggers.


Did you know that are certain things that you can say to people to make them do just about anything you want them to… I'm talking specifically about psychological tactics that trigger the mind to take action. Specific action.

That is what IM Triggers is all about.

But you better hurry up. little person. Laura and the gang are jacking up the price every time someone buys.

IM Triggers is also endorsed by my good friend, Simon Leung.

"I’m going to be using this for my own websites…"

The Death of Google AdsenseThis is an awesome trigger that got ME to take action quickly – I’m going to be using this for my own websites real soon!

Nice work :)

Simon Leung
The Death Of Google AdWords

Do you want more customers? Do you want to increase your sales volume? How about a better overall sales process?

So you better go support my girl Laura or else!

big jason

IM Triggers

P.S. Seriously, what action do you want your customers/prospects to take? To buy from you – perhaps join a list? Then yes, you can own these same psycological tactics that we use everyday in our businesses to skyrocket our sales. These are the type of jedi mind tricks that you want in your back pocket.

Is Laura Martin As Stupid As Miss South Carolina?

Harris Fellman of Peelaway Ads and Sal the Site Stealer (Now
Sal the Site Swiper
) sent out a recent promotional email for The Next Internet Millionaire reality show with the subject line, "Is Laura Really Stupid?".

Turns out that a friend asked Harris if Laura was really stupid compared to how she was portrayed on the first episode of the next internet millionaire.

Here is Miss South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, answering a question from the Miss Teen USA contest.

So my question is “Does Laura Martin Appear More Stupid Than Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina, Knowing That Reality Shows Edit Things In Certain Ways?” Vote now!

P.S. You might be wondering what I think of Laura Martin. I’m doing a joint venture with Laura, and I don’t like working with stupid people. There is your answer

big jason

Next Internet Millionaire Contestants Pressured at Nitro Marketing Party to Spill The Beans

So here I am at the Nitro Marketing DFW internet marketing party Tuesday night talking to two lovely ladies, Stacy and Lisa, when Laura Martin comes up behind me and kisses me on the cheek.  Was she trying to make the ladies jealous, marking her territory, starting some rumors about us on the show or all the above?

What was Laura Martin from Austin, Texas doing in Dallas anyways other then to kiss her fellow contestant of The Next Internet Millionaire reality show. What will Joel Comm, the dark lord of non disclosure, think?  Questions started flying in from all directions after the kiss, and it didn't stop till I left the party.

I had to threaten people with the foam roll of Better Posture Guaranteed to make them stop asking me and Laura questions about the show.

They wanted know all sorts of things like:

  • Any action in the hot tub?
  • Did you and Laura hookup?
  • Did you hookup with anyone else?
  • Did Laura hookup with anyone else?
  • Who else hooked up? (Are you seeing a pattern?)
  • What did they have you do?
  • Who got eliminated first?
  • Did you win?

It seems nobody knows what a NDA is when it comes to them wanting information.  Even Mike Young, Mr. Internet Law Guy himself,  wouldn't leave me alone.

Rachel Rofe is obviously rubbing off on her buddy, Dan Kelly.  He was in arms length of a beat down for not shutting up about the show. She has been pestering me on her road trip across America for insider information on The Next Internet Millionaire.

I keep on telling them that they can watch the show at WatchTheNextInternetMillionaire.com and get all the exclusive behind the scenes info and video available nowhere else by subscribing to my blog.

Other then the constant nagging and digging for information from Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill and every single person at the party, it was a good time.

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill of Nitro Marketing

Hopefully they didn't get Laura drunk after I left.  She tends to start blabbing the most secret of secrets when she's had too much to drink.

Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show Starts August 15th 2007

The Next Internet Millionaire

The Next Internet Millionaire reality show with host Joel Comm premieres on August 15th, 2007 with twelve contestants including myself competing for a $25,000 cash prize and a chance to do a joint venture with internet millionaire, Joel Comm.

The Next Internet Millionaire Cast of Contestants with Host Joel Comm
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Here is the official teaser for The Next Internet Millionaire.

Here are the contestants and where they live.

Jason Henderson is from Lewisville, TX North of Dallas, Texas

Laura Martin is from Austin, TX Texas

Steve Schuitt from Diamond Bar, CA California

Carly Taylor from Cambridge, UK England Britain

Charles Trippy from Tampa, FL Florida

Jaime Luchuck from Toronto, Ontario Canada

Jason Marshall from Ocean City, NJ New Jersey

Christine Schaap from Rockford, MI Michigan

Thor Schrock from Lincoln, NE Nebraska

Debbie Ducic from Pueblo, CO Colorado

Nico Pisani from Costa Rica

Alisande Chan from Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada

This is being billed as the first competitive internet reality show and is going to rock the world.

  • Who will win?
  • Is it going to be more like The Apprentice or the Real World?
  • Who is going to be the villain? (i.e. Amarosa)
  • Who hooked up?
  • Who fought?
  • Who cried?

You can find all this out and more starting August 15th. 2007 at the my blog covering The Next Internet Millionaire reality show.

The only place for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage not available anywhere else is right here on my blog.

Joel Comm and Eric Holmlund

So what do you think about all this?  Who is going to win?  Post your comments now.

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And go ahead and post your comments about what you think about all this crap, the Next Internet Millionaire and the contestants!

Take the following poll too.

All Images Related to the Next Internet Millionaire are © Copyright 2007 Infomedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. and are used with permission.