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Landing Page Optimization Workshop by MarketingExperiments

I will be attending my fourth MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Miami on March 15-17, and I have also just registered for their Landing Page Optimization Workshop and Certification on the 14th.


The workshop will be about the following and more:

  1. How to prioritize messages and optimize your own landing pages using our patent-pending conversion formula
  2. How to identify and express an effective value proposition that motivates your page visitors toward the desired action
  3. How to reduce your website abandon rate by minimizing Friction and overcoming the remainder through effective incentives
  4. How to increase page relevance and reduce visitor anxiety
  5. How to design landing pages to hold and engage the attention of your readers
  6. How to test and track metrics and analyze results to make further improvements

The Landing Page Optimization Workshop will be lead by one of the most experienced website optimization teams in the world. The instructors include (See the full bios):

  • Dr. Flint McGlaughlin – the Director of the MECLABS Sciences Group
  • Jimmy Ellis – Director of Optimization Research for MarketingExperiments
  • Jeanne Hopkins – Chief Marketing Officer for MECLABS
  • Aaron Rosenthal – Director of Channels Research for MarketingExperiments

Attend The Landing Page Optimization Workshop and Certification by MarketingExperiments

hope to see you in miami,
big jason

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Free Landing Page Optimization Webinar with MarketingExperiments.com

Landing Page Optimization: How Businesses Achieve Breakthrough Levels of Conversion by Synchronizing Value Proposition with Page Design


Join Marketing Experiments's no-charge webinar on landing page optimization THIS Wednesday, August 29 at 4:00PM, EST

Professional marketers have long known the importance of knowing and being able to convey the Unique Value Proposition for their company or organization. Many will spend weeks and months tuning and refining their "UVP" statements. And it IS truly essential that you have, and can concisely state a unique and compelling value proposition.

However, effectively expressing your value proposition through your website involves more than just the words you use. Every
aspect of your site is communicating your value proposition and conflicting messages may be hurting your conversion. Marketers must understand how to protect their landing pages against the #1 threat to conversion: SITE FLOW DISRUPTION.

In this clinic Marketing Experiments will reveal how the two dangerous forms of disruption – Discontinuity and Incongruence – can keep customers from responding to your value proposition.

Eliminate disruption, and you can maximize conversion.

I'll be there.  Will you?

Big Jason
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Landing Page Optimization Tested Free Webinar

You don’t want to miss MarketingExperiments.com latest webinar on creating sticky landing pages.

When optimizing your landing pages, what is the best way to keep visitors continuing through the sales “funnel” instead of “bouncing” off of the page to a competitor?

Join the no-charge teleconference call THIS Wednesday, April 25th at 4:00PM, EST

In this brief webinar, they will identify the essential elements of website conversion and use them to design “sticky” landing pages that maximize clickthrough to your order process.