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Next Internet Millionaire Fourth Episode – Watch It Now

The fourth episode of The Next Internet Millionaire reality show is available for viewing now below. This one features the crazy but brilliant, Marlon Sanders.

Who stabbed who in the back? Who’s being fake? Which alliances were broken?

Watch and find out by clicking the play button below! (and be sure to vote!)

So what do you think about this silly reality show?

Some people who actually have a clue don’t seem to put much weight in this show.

big jason

DoFollow Community
DoFollow Community

Yeah, baby, yeah!  Comment or link to my blog or blog posts three times, and your links will have the nofollow removed. Go do it and get some love from the search engines!

Commenting and Linking to the Big Marketing Blog Just Got Better

A social media buddy of mine from Web 2 Submitter reminded me of what I have wanted to do for awhile which is install a dofollow plugin for my blog.

What is so great about having a dofollow plugin?  It gives more benefits to your blog readers to both comment on the posts themselves and link to them from their own blogs.

The problem with blogs is that they tell search engines to treat comment links and links from other blogs like they suck.

They put something in all comment links like so: rel="nofollow" which is what tells search engines that the links are crap.

The reason for this is to stop comment spammers who spam blogs in hopes of getting links back to their own blogs.

Well, there are plenty of great plugins to stop spammers that work great like Spam Karma 2. So having this nofollow crap is just giving your readers less incentive to comment or link to your blog. I use Spam Karma 2 and have no problems with comment spam.  I have had to delete maybe 5 comments in over a year.

So what you need to do is install a plugin to get rid of the dumb nofollow.  I wanted to search for the best plugin to do this and found Andy Beard's search engine optimization blog with a post on the best dofollow wordpress plugins. Andy is just a little fella, but he knows what he is talking about when it comes to seo and social networking.

The dofollow plugin I decide to go with is Lucia's Linky Love at Big Bucks Blogger. It has a cool feature that will remove nofollow from commenter's links after three posts or links to your blog.

There are many technical details I could go into like trackbacks, pinging, etc., but basically you should just install a dofollow plugin because I said so. I'm 6'11", 295 pounds, I took about 3 months of karate when I was younger, my good friend Joel Lucky knows jujutsu and I channel his powers when I give people a beat down and lastly I am a huge UFC fan which of course means I can adequately duplicate at least one mma move like a head butt or something (yeah, head butts are illegal, but they’re fun).

later little people,
big jason

DoFollow Community
DoFollow Community

Yeah, baby, yeah!  Comment or link to my blog or blog posts three times, and your links will have the nofollow removed. Go do it and get some love from the search engines!

Entrepreneurs Vacation Club Launch by Rick Raddatz

Entrepreneurs Vacation Club launches today, and you don’t want to miss it. Rick Raddatz has done it again.

This is a monthly coaching program combined with a vacation mastermind club at luxury properties all over the world. It isn’t a timeshare. For more details , use the video player below and click play.


I attended the last test phase at the first luxury home in Breckenridge, Colorado and had a blast relaxing and growing my business with other marketers.
Entrepreneurs Vacation Club in Breckenridge, Colorado

A possible second location is this 2.1 million dollar property in the bahamas. All members vote on each additional property. I’m voting for this one in the bahamas!
The Bahamas is a possible location for the second property in the entrepreneurs vacation club

I’m already a member of the Entrepreneurs Vacation Club. Join me and lets help each other build our businesses like never before while having fun at cool places all over the world. You don’t want to leave me all alone with Rachel Rofe in the Bahamas do you?

Hope to see you in Breckenride, Colorado, the Bahamas or wherever.

Big Jason
P.S. Remember that Entrepreneurs Vacation Club launches today with the $1000 fee waived.

First Episode of The Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show – Watch It Now!

Here is the first episode of The Next Internet Millionaire reality show with host Joel Comm.

How were guests Mark Joyner of Simpleology 101 and Kresta Pillsbury of HackerSafe? Who won? Who lost? Who talked trash? Who was eliminated?

Click the play button and find out!

What do you think of the first episode?

Take the polls and post your comments about what you think.

I can’t really say anything until the show is over, but what I have to say and show with my behind the scenes video footage will be worth the wait. Subscribe to my Big Marketing Newsletter and/or my blog feed now.

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BTW, I didn’t need The Next Internet Millionaire reality show telling me to use Hackersafe. I have known Kresta Pillsbury for awhile now and use the HackerSafe seal at Better Posture Guaranteed and other websites. Split testing that they provide has shown that I get 17% more optins when using the hackersafe seal.

Here is a picture of me and Kresta with at Big Seminar. Yes, she is standing on a chair. ;)
Krest Pillsbury of HackerSafe

I’m not allowed to comment on the show until after all the episodes are released. Hmmm…. That doesn’t mean other people can’t comment. Here are some videos. Feel free to post some videos on youtube and then comment with a link to it. I might post it to my blog. Include your url of course.

Next Internet Millionaire Contestants Pressured at Nitro Marketing Party to Spill The Beans

So here I am at the Nitro Marketing DFW internet marketing party Tuesday night talking to two lovely ladies, Stacy and Lisa, when Laura Martin comes up behind me and kisses me on the cheek.  Was she trying to make the ladies jealous, marking her territory, starting some rumors about us on the show or all the above?

What was Laura Martin from Austin, Texas doing in Dallas anyways other then to kiss her fellow contestant of The Next Internet Millionaire reality show. What will Joel Comm, the dark lord of non disclosure, think?  Questions started flying in from all directions after the kiss, and it didn't stop till I left the party.

I had to threaten people with the foam roll of Better Posture Guaranteed to make them stop asking me and Laura questions about the show.

They wanted know all sorts of things like:

  • Any action in the hot tub?
  • Did you and Laura hookup?
  • Did you hookup with anyone else?
  • Did Laura hookup with anyone else?
  • Who else hooked up? (Are you seeing a pattern?)
  • What did they have you do?
  • Who got eliminated first?
  • Did you win?

It seems nobody knows what a NDA is when it comes to them wanting information.  Even Mike Young, Mr. Internet Law Guy himself,  wouldn't leave me alone.

Rachel Rofe is obviously rubbing off on her buddy, Dan Kelly.  He was in arms length of a beat down for not shutting up about the show. She has been pestering me on her road trip across America for insider information on The Next Internet Millionaire.

I keep on telling them that they can watch the show at WatchTheNextInternetMillionaire.com and get all the exclusive behind the scenes info and video available nowhere else by subscribing to my blog.

Other then the constant nagging and digging for information from Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill and every single person at the party, it was a good time.

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill of Nitro Marketing

Hopefully they didn't get Laura drunk after I left.  She tends to start blabbing the most secret of secrets when she's had too much to drink.