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Episode 9 The Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show

Episode 9 of The Next Internet Millionaire reality show is available for your viewing pleasure. Ray Edwards was the guest expert on this episode.

Watch it below and post your comments.

Speaking of Ray Edwards…. I actually knew him before the show. Check it out!

Surprised? I don’t know why you would be. The following people from The Next Internet Millionaire have used Better Posture Guaranteed as well.

Next Internet Millionaire Producers Hate Bunny Rabbits

Producers of the upcoming mega-hit reality show The Next Internet Millionaire with host Joel Comm and co-host Heather Vale of Internet Marketing Unwrapped have enraged bunny rabbit lovers everywhere by refusing to allow Jason Henderson (me) to bring his two adorable baby bunny rabbits with him to Colorado for filming. I was the first official contestant announced on their website and talked about my babies in both audition videos, several interviews and featured them in a follow-up video.

Piggly Wiggly and Bunkins had this to say.

Who the hell do they think they are? How can they live with themselves after knowingly separating two baby bunny rabbits from their pappa bunny for two whole weeks. They shall be made to suffer!

Piggly Wiggly, the female bunny of the dynamic duo, then exclaimed.

First thing I'm going to do is mount them like I do my little brother, Bunkins, and show them that I'm the boss bunny. And I'm going to make them listen to a Dan Kennedy cd while I do it too!

Bunkins then got crazy and said.

They shouldn't make me angry. They won't like me when I'm angry. ahhhh.. errr, grrrrrrrr. BUNNY SMASH!

His big sister, Piggly Wiggly, proceeded to mount him too and said.

Pipe down, pipsqueak! I'm the boss bunny, and I have a better idea.

Remember when pappa bunny was watching Hannibal (Silence of the Lambs II), and those guys were training those big, man-eating pigs? We can do the same.


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And go ahead and post your comments about what you think about all this crap, the Next Internet Millionaire, the contestants and the atrocities the producers have committed against these cute, little baby bunny rabbits!


The Next Internet Millionaire Reality Show Second Round Starts

The Next Internet Millionaire reality show hosted by Joel Comm started its second round of voting today and lasts until June 27th. After that twelve final contestants will be flown to Colorado for filming.

The second round takes users voting as 30% of the equation in determining the final twelve. The other main considerations in my opinion are viewer interest and potential jv potential.

Here is my audition video for the second round.

I had more, but you can only do 2 minutes for the official videos.

Please vote for me as The Next Internet Millionare and rate my audition video a 10.

For now, here are some millionaires, best-selling authors, professional speakers, former cult members and top internet marketers who endorse me, 6'11" Jason Henderson, as The Next Internet Millionaire.

After you vote for me, come back here and click on the video above to get the flash code to put it on your blog or website. Go do it now!

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Heather Vale Internet Marketing Unwrapped Server Blows Up!

That’s right! Another internet marketer’s server goes down. And this time it was after Heather Vale of Internet Marketing Unwrapped interviewed Derek Gehl of The Internet Marketing Center and Desktop Marketer fame. I have seen this time and time again. People always recommend the cheapest hosting around and pay for it big time just like this instance.

Why wait till you get tons of traffic to move to a more reliable host with better support. I would go with someone like Hostasaurus, Wolfpaw, or WebNet. These all offer the Miva Merchant shopping cart but offer phenomenal web hosting support in general and would be there in a pinch.