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The Freak Show Continues with Ben Mack and Profitable Magic

My friend Dave Lakhani recently sat down to interview Ben Mack of Profitable Magic about why so many people perceive him to be a freak show.

I have to admit to having this notion myself from time to time. Ben sat next to me at a previous Big Seminar. I made the mistake of leaving my laptop open when I got up to use the restroom. I found a written email from me to Joel Comm in my gmail account when I got back. It complemented Joel on a great presentation and that Ben Mack had raved about his presentation as well. Do you think I sent it? Of course I sent it. I couldn’t help myself. Only a freak would do such a thing, and I was compelled to reward such freakish behaviour. Only a freak would mess with my laptop!

But there is something even more freakier about Ben Mack. He took one of his previous clients from 8 million to 120 million in just a year.

Ben is teaching people about Profitable Magic right now. He is obviously not talking about being a magician on stage doing card tricks.

Why doesn’t he break it down into more simpler terms?

Is he a communist?

Has he ever been high on drugs?

Ben Mack a devil worshiper?

Is he a paranoid schizo?

Dave tries to break down Mr. Mack like never before while answering these questions. This is an extremely good video.

Watch it now.

Then go find out about Profitable Magic or is it magicK. It will be profitable however you spell it.

big jason (a.k.a. freak show from next internet millionaire reality show)

Ben Mack Has Another Freak Show with Profitable Magic

Ben Mack wanted me on The Next Internet Millionaire reality series because he likes a good freak show.

Being severely frustrated after my elimination on episode 4, Ben has decided to make his own freak show called Profitable Magic.

I'm actually listening to one of his freaks, Dave Lakhani of Bold Approach, right now.

If you want to listen to his free teleseminar series with the rest of the freak show, go register immediately .

Now you might be wondering why Ben Mack would need more freaks when he is the biggest freak show in marketing.

The next question in your mind is what does magic and profit have to do with another?

You might be surprised.  Register and find out.

big jason

JV Broker Reed Floren Comes Down With Virus

Super JV Joint Venture Broker Reed Floren was sent into outer space with me and other monkeys to test the 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit from Mark Joyner.

When we got back to earth, Reed found out that he had caught the Wealth Virus.

Joint Ventures are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to internet marketers, or any one else. Listen as Reed spills the magic beans about JV partnerships-

  • What they are
  • How to create them
  • How to use them to explode your business.

Watch this video for some testimonials verifying that Reed has the stuff.

Reed recently launched Ultimate Joint Ventures Live Coaching, but you can get some free information on doing joint ventures from Reed by registering for the Wealth Virus.

It's not an accident that affiliate marketing expert Shawn Collins is the only big name hating on me for The Next Internet Millionaire reality show while everyone else like tellman knudson, mark joyner, million dollar mike morgan, dave lakhani, andy duncan, brian edmondson, david wilkinson and harris fellman want to work with me.

You need to be infected by the Wealth Virus if you want to learn how to get big joint venture partners like Reed Floren and I.

Register now for the free Wealth Virus.

hasta la vista,
big jason

P.S. Don’t worry, Shawn. I still love you.

I Need Cash Now Teleseminar Series

If you have ever been in a cash crunch and wondered…

How could I generate some quick income using the internet?

Well, there’s a program now that shows you how step by step — in just days!

Some of the top Internet Marketers have come together to make this program a reality.

I know about this program because my friend and Internet master, Tellman Knudson is one of the mentors in the program along with some of my other personal friends.

Here is Tellman.
Tellman Knudson I Need Cash Now

Here is Dave Lakahni
. Dave Lakhani I Need Cash Now

Here is Ray Edwards.
Ray Edwards I Need Cash Now

Here is the mystery expert.
Mystery Expert

I have reveiwed the program and let me say this:

The info provided in the program is top notch and not a bunch of fluff.

I Need Cash Now

Check it out NOW before their initial launch offer is over:

To Your Big Success,
Big Jason

PS. They aren’t telling people this, but…they also provide a Quickstart Guide for free, with a step-by-step checklist you can use immediately.

Get the I Need Cash Now program immediately.

The Secret – An Alternative View

All I hear is “The Secret” this and “The Secret” that. It all sounded like a bunch of humanistic, positive thinking mumbo-jumbo repackaged with celebrities. So I get this email from my good friend and former cult member, Dave Lakhani, about a special teleseminar discussing potential problems with The Secret. Dave is an expert on persuasion. The call features him and two other experts on persuasion with a special guest who is a pastor and a psychotherapist which should be interesting to those who want to hear a spiritual take on The Secret.

You can listen to the recording of this teleseminar for free at The Truth is the Secret. It is always good to hear both sides.

For even more of a spiritual take on The Secret, see It’s All About You? The Truth About “The Secret”.