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I’m Thankful She Didn’t Kill Me

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday.

     Thanksgiving was epic here in Cabo San Lucas.

     I’m not sure what you’re thankful for today, but this is the first thing that came to my mind…

     My mom (momma bunny) passed away this year, and I thought back to that vivid memory of her holding me and telling an amazing story.

     When I was still in her belly, something went horribly wrong…

     How horrible?

     Well, the doctors highly recommended that she “terminate” me before I was born…

     Perhaps you’re wondering what the reason was for suggesting such a gastly thing?

     Oh, it wasn’t anything urgent other than that they thought she would die giving birth to me

     Thankfully (for me), she immediately responded with:

          “No. I’m not killing my baby!”

     Thanks Mom for loving me more than life itself.

     As you can see in the picture of us below, things turned out just fine…

This is a picture of Momma Bunny and I

     But she did end up having to work herself nearly to death trying to feed me

     I almost ended up eating her out of house and home.

     In fact, my easiest commercial audition (when I was a hollywood superstar…) was when the casting director  said they wanted me to…

     “Act like a ravenous teenager opening up a refrigerator and eating everything in sight!”

     So I basically just had to act “normal” and be myself… =)


     Mom’s selfless act is something I’m extremely thankful for, and I miss her a lot.

     And I’m extremely grateful for other things too like the following:

  • Having a loving, smokin hot girlfriend (who just happens to be a pro
    Zumba instructor, professional belly dancer and award-winning chef) who
    lives with me here in Mexico.
  • Being able to live wherever I want and visit my cute, little nephews and nieces from time to time.
  • And last, but definitely not least, I’m grateful for having such amazing students who are kicking ass with their emails.

Well, I’m going to have my umpteenth helping of Thanksgiving dinner (especially the homemade pumpkin pie…).

Talk to you soon.
     Big Jason

    (\(\                  /)/)
    ( ‘.’)                (‘.’ )
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Giant Email Marketer Bleeding All Over Mexico

Don’t try this at home.

I’ve finally come to accept the painful truth that all things in Mexico
are built for “little” Mexicans and not giant gringos…

     Let me explain.

     You know how hey say a picture is worth a thousand words?

     Well, just look at this recent picture of me below…

     I was walking to Walmart here in Cabo San Lucas with my girlfriend (little bunny) and her daughter (jackrabbit)…

     Every ten feet or so on the path leading up to the store was a
pole displaying an ad on top and then a strange metal bar that just so
happened to stretch out across at eye level for anybunny 6’11″…

     Of course I noticed this and started ducking every ten feet or so
when another bar would ask if it could smack me in the face…

     Towards the end of the path I started explaining to jackrabbit about negotiating with taxis.

     I was looking down every so often which is normal when I’m speaking to little people…

     Well, I must really love negotiating with taxis because I somehow
forgot to watch out for one of the last metal bars and WHAM….

     There I was lying flat on my back, eyes closed and blood pouring down my face…

     And the first thing that came to mind was, “wow. this is going to make a great picture in an email!“.

     If the image above wasn’t clear enough, here is a close up of the carnage…

This hurt pretty bad

     Getting punched in the face by a pole is not my idea of having fun.

     BTW,  I’m going to be blogging more…

     So be on the lookout, and I’ll talk to you real soon.

     Big Jason

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