Optin Accelerator Controversy

Robert Plank made a great post about possible problems with Optin Accelerator.

So lets discuss it. Not sure why Robert didn't discuss it with me at all considering I am the one who told him about it and he used it on my blog, but here it goes.

  • People won't trust you – And…. People already don't trust you with their first name and email address for a ebook optin form. They don’t trust you to take their credit card information. All forms have a level of friction and anxiety. Will the email and password present a higher level of friction and anxiety vs a regular tell a friend form? It undoubtedly will. So how do you alleviate friction? Incentive!!!! How do you alleviate anxiety? Click on the link at the bottom of this post to check it out. I have finished adding some trust factors that were already in the works, but Robert helped speed it up a bit ;) Thanks Robert.

    Robert and others on his blog have also commited a huge marketing sin by speculating.

    One of my favorite quotes from MarketingExperiments is:

    Marketing is testing. So do not speculate; test

    Robert and his blog readers are possibly making a costly speculation.

  • It depends on their servers, and they might get shut down – There is always that possiblity. Is it worth it to take that chance? You have to decide that for yourself. But I say it is worth it and probably won’t happen. More info below makes it even less of a worry. Well, speak of the devil. Not sure why Robert just didn’t voice his concerns with Matt Haslem himself. He’s not a complete idiot and probably has some of this stuff covered like ip address, etc.
  • People will steal the login information – Some people will abuse it so screw everyone else? Robert will have to correct me if I misinterpreted what he said, but it seems like he is saying individual owners of Optin Accelerator will try and lure people to use it and then try and steal their login info for future use. I'm all for security. Lets dialog with Matt and have it more secure. Maybe have the form called via iframe. But that isn’t a valid argument in my opinion. You can abuse all kinds of php scripts.

I have to run real quick here, but I'm not buying all the doomsday scenarios that nobody knows will happen.

Terms of service are terms of shmervice. You can read those anyway you want. I'm not a lawyer, but Matt's application would get shut down since it is going in and logging into the account. Sending the emails is on your end and a different story, and why I will be helping in that area.

It has a 8 week guarantee. So if it gets shutdown within that eight weeks, you'll get your money back.  If it is after 8 weeks, you possibly have gotten a huge boost in referrals and more than paid for itself.

Some of his commenters are committing a marketing sin by pretending to be their customers.

"I tried that before, and I didn't like it."

And they have made similar comments. One person believes tell a friend scripts like this or others gives their friends email addresses away which is ridiculous. Another person and Robert himself have gone too far by misinforming that optin accelerator integrates with aweber and this violates their TOS. It DOES NOT integrate with aweber in the sense that the friends told will be added to an autoresponder, etc. It just helps you setup a blodoy optin form with aweber, 1shoppingcart, etc.

It basically comes down to a risk vs reward type of situation and the law of averages. What type of percentage do you need to use it to get a huge reward. It will vary, but for some it could be a tiny percentage and still see a huge return. You wouldn’t commit suicide if only 6% of your product salesletter visitors bought would you?

I'm not discounting Robert's concerns entirely. They have some merit. I'm just focusing on the crazy potential Optin Accelerator has.

And I don’t feel there is anything shady going on at all, and internet marketers are some of the shadiest people on the planet. I’ve only been in this niche for a few years, and I’ve seen some scary stuff. Its not like they made it so you could subscribe all these contacts to your autoresponder without their consent.

big jason

Here is my initial post on Optin Accelerator with video demo and test link that Robert tried. Try it for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Optin Accelerator Controversy

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  4. Dubai website

    I don’t think it is a matter of trust. If people enter their information, that means they trust my site enough to let me handle the work, perhaps there should be a privacy policy.

    I may trust Facebook or MySpace, but what if the recipients don’t? Isn’t it the same problem with Optin Accelerator on my site?

    Facebook has permission but not your site, that’s the difference.

    It is more a problem of terms of service too. If the mail account providers disallow it, and also Aweber, then I want to stay on the safe side.


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