Next Internet Millionaire Contestants Pressured at Nitro Marketing Party to Spill The Beans

So here I am at the Nitro Marketing DFW internet marketing party Tuesday night talking to two lovely ladies, Stacy and Lisa, when Laura Martin comes up behind me and kisses me on the cheek.  Was she trying to make the ladies jealous, marking her territory, starting some rumors about us on the show or all the above?

What was Laura Martin from Austin, Texas doing in Dallas anyways other then to kiss her fellow contestant of The Next Internet Millionaire reality show. What will Joel Comm, the dark lord of non disclosure, think?  Questions started flying in from all directions after the kiss, and it didn't stop till I left the party.

I had to threaten people with the foam roll of Better Posture Guaranteed to make them stop asking me and Laura questions about the show.

They wanted know all sorts of things like:

  • Any action in the hot tub?
  • Did you and Laura hookup?
  • Did you hookup with anyone else?
  • Did Laura hookup with anyone else?
  • Who else hooked up? (Are you seeing a pattern?)
  • What did they have you do?
  • Who got eliminated first?
  • Did you win?

It seems nobody knows what a NDA is when it comes to them wanting information.  Even Mike Young, Mr. Internet Law Guy himself,  wouldn't leave me alone.

Rachel Rofe is obviously rubbing off on her buddy, Dan Kelly.  He was in arms length of a beat down for not shutting up about the show. She has been pestering me on her road trip across America for insider information on The Next Internet Millionaire.

I keep on telling them that they can watch the show at and get all the exclusive behind the scenes info and video available nowhere else by subscribing to my blog.

Other then the constant nagging and digging for information from Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill and every single person at the party, it was a good time.

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill of Nitro Marketing

Hopefully they didn't get Laura drunk after I left.  She tends to start blabbing the most secret of secrets when she's had too much to drink.

11 thoughts on “Next Internet Millionaire Contestants Pressured at Nitro Marketing Party to Spill The Beans

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  2. Rachel

    Listen here, Mr. Henderson!

    YOU keep bringing things up to try and torture me!

    I tell you about a book, and you say “Interesting that you said that… but I can’t tell you why.”

    I ask you a question, and you say “Interesting that you asked that… but I can’t tell you why.”

    You get some sick, sadistic pleasure out of this!

    If you end up winning, I’m making you take me to the best place ever for my inconvenience. Somewhere in France, perhaps. :)

    P.S. I think I’m going to Penn & Teller tonight!!! :)

  3. Rachel

    Italy works. :)

    I’d tell you about Cirque, but since you read my blog from cover to cover, I don’t want to repeat anything. ;)

    (Wouldn’t want to be THAT person, you know!)

  4. laura

    Listen up buddy, I did have a little to drink but all they can get from is “I can not disclose that information at this time” or “you’ll have to watch and see.”

    I came to Kevin’s to network you were just an added bonus :P
    Great time, and I LOVE Big Money Matt Gil and the adorable Kevin Wilke, can’t wait til next time!

    So why did I kiss Jason? You’ll have to watch and see ;)

  5. Jason Henderson

    tsk, tsk, Rachel. Don’t let everyone see your dark side. I’m not taking you to France period, and I don’t eat “french” fries either. Well, I do french kiss but that is another story!

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