MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2009 Discount

I have attended all three MarketingSherpa Email Summits, the world’s biggest and baddest email marketing conference bar none. Will I be attending their fourth summit this March in Miami? Do bunnies like to mount? With no pitching products allowed from speakers and a $400 discount, I would be a big idiot not to attend.

Here I am in Chicago 2006 with Stefan Tornquist, head of research at MarketingSherpa.

Stefan Tornquist

This is Scott Cundill from Majestic Interactive in South Africa at the Summit in Miami 2007.

Scott Candrel

This is Jenni Edwards of Compendium BlogWare at the Summit in Miami 2008.

Jennie Edwards of Compendium BlogWare

The Email Summit is going to cover some killer email marketing topics like the following:

* Using artificial intelligence to optimize your email marketing

* Revamping email design to improve email results

* More profits with email segmentation

* Mobile email marketing

* Enhanced email landing pages

* And much, much more!

One of the best things I love about the Email Summit are the vendors at the exhibits. They have no problem sharing and discussing strategies, what’s working best and much more.

Another cool thing is the free one on one consulting sessions with experts from the top email marketing companies in the world. You can schedule free sessions on email deliverability and much more.

And if you think MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments are too corporate and won’t work in your business or market, think again. The information you will learn here applies to information marketing, affiliate marketing and more.

There are two ways to attend. You can come early and get certified as an email marketing professional like myself or you can just attend the main conference.

Get Your MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2009 Discount Ticket Now!

Hope to see you there,
big jason
P.S. Anyone who purchases a ticket through me receives a copy of Better Email Deliverability Guaranteed.

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