Landing Page Optimization Webinar by Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments is having another free webinar on landing page optimization and improving conversion by 50-60% by applying continuity and congruence .

Are your customers getting what they expect when they reach your Landing Page, or are they receiving mixed or incomplete messages that  disrupt your Value Proposition and hurt Conversion?

Since their webinar on Site Flow Disruption Marketing Experiments has gotten many requests  for more information on Continuity and Congruence.

In this webinar, they are going to review two recent case studies where applying these concepts significantly improved Conversion for their partners.

If you don't know what continuity, congruence, site flow disruption and value proposition are, that is all the more reason to attend this free webinar.

i'll be there,

big jason

5 thoughts on “Landing Page Optimization Webinar by Marketing Experiments

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  2. Shawn

    I plan on attending. I participated in a call from them once before and was very pleased with the information I received. It’s free and best yet there is not a real hard sales drive. I’ve been on calls from other companies before and it seems every other sentence their trying to sell their services.

  3. ROIgeeks

    This is nice post.For all those interested in landing page optimization, I’ve just launched an LPO services website – Our services are guaranteed, meaning, we increase your landing page conversion rate (be it add to cart rate, or request info clicks) or money back.

    All feedback is appreciated, especially from competitors :)



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