John Ritz Copywriting Prize Winner Announced

Cindy Battye of the Daily Niche Idea and Traffic Bunnies has won an in-depth video critique of her website ($1400) and a 1 hour phone consultation ($400) from direct response copywriter, John Ritz.

Congrats to the aussie with bunnies that will help you multiple your traffic like…… rabbits. Her prize was part of the largest blog contest ever.

big jason
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4 thoughts on “John Ritz Copywriting Prize Winner Announced

  1. Cindy Battye

    Thank you SO much John and Jason.. the two terrific ‘J’ boyz! I have already been in touch with John and he is incredibly thorough – I am crazy excited about getting my information together and seeing the changes that John will suggest, and VERY MUCH looking forward to the extra resulting income.. lol

    So.. thanks again! What a fantastic competition – and I feel SO privilaged to have won THE BEST prize :)


  2. John Ritz

    Cindy and I aren’t going to pull any punches in beefing up her sales copy. There’s great potential there for sure, and I’ll bet there’s some additional unrealized profit centers Cindy can tap into once we have our coaching call.

    Thanks, Jason! Great contest.




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