Is Laura Martin As Stupid As Miss South Carolina?

Harris Fellman of Peelaway Ads and Sal the Site Stealer (Now
Sal the Site Swiper
) sent out a recent promotional email for The Next Internet Millionaire reality show with the subject line, "Is Laura Really Stupid?".

Turns out that a friend asked Harris if Laura was really stupid compared to how she was portrayed on the first episode of the next internet millionaire.

Here is Miss South Carolina, Caitlin Upton, answering a question from the Miss Teen USA contest.

So my question is “Does Laura Martin Appear More Stupid Than Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina, Knowing That Reality Shows Edit Things In Certain Ways?” Vote now!

P.S. You might be wondering what I think of Laura Martin. I’m doing a joint venture with Laura, and I don’t like working with stupid people. There is your answer

big jason

16 thoughts on “Is Laura Martin As Stupid As Miss South Carolina?

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  4. Leo

    Laura is my favorite contestant on the Next Internet Millionaire show. Jason just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy I’d like to hang out with, much less do a JV with as he seems to lack integrity (he lies on the show looking out for himself more than others, etc).

    Anyway, Laura is a bright, beautiful young woman and she does not seem stupid at all (I know, I read the P.S. and Jason doesn’t think she’s stupid either). I would JV with Laura any day.


  5. Big Jason

    you’re totally right, leo. that jason is a douche bag. they say that reality shows aren’t really real and that they edit things in certain ways, but that is b.s. jason is a liar and an a**hole. any internet marketer that jvs with him is the same! I can’t believe Tellman, mark joyner, mike morgan, harris fellman, andy duncan and those other a**holes are doing jvs with him!!!!

  6. Big Jason

    You’re welcome, leo. anytime.

    mark joyner just emailed me saying that he was removing my bonus videos in his new word of mouth transformation product because of what you shared. he will be contacting you shortly for helping him to see the light of who I really am. he also said you’re not as stupid as you sound. I totally agree.

    good luck

    big jason

  7. travis thommen

    I don’t know which laura martin you mean. There is one that lives in N.Y. city that at 42 , has not idea what happened at the Little Big Horn. She also thinks ducks can’t fly, that are exceptional jumpers.

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  9. laura martin

    hi my name is laura martin and i am stupid well not all the way but i am and im not afraied to say so so u should not say sftuu like this its reatared


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