How to Win and Have Fun with Top Affiliate Challenge Before It Starts

So Top Affiliate Challenge starts on July 1st, and I've had to say goodbye to the babies on June 28th when I left for Omaha.

Audition process for Top Affiliate Challenge was pretty fun and cool.

  • Baited other contestants to see if they would whine about one of the show coaches endorsing me, and it worked like a charm. They're still whining to this day.
  • Messed with a contestant's mind throughout the audition process and then dropped them like a bad habit immediately when voting ended. They're still trying to have a controversy by themselves all over the internet without me acknowledging their existence. Hope they are having fun playing with themselves.
  • My promotional partners (jonathan van clute and gaj subudhi) and I were lied about, accused of being homosexuals and more throughout the audition process by other contestants. We must be doing something right!!!
  • Main contestant behind all the b.s. has turned out to be a convicted criminal as reported by ShoeMoney. Since I have been here, we have been told it is even worse. Not really a big deal to me. There was already blatant integrity issues and more before all this. Was pretty funny talking to John Chow. I received a private message from this character saying they would get an endorsement from John Chow and then play off of the shoemoney vs john chow controversy, but I didn't even reply because I thought it was ludicrous to think they could do anything for me or even get an endorsemnet from Chow. Turns out John Chow didn't think much of the request either.
  • Been great having people talk about me and let me know what they have been hearing.

  • Alex Sysoef from WordPress Web 2.0 had this to say:

    "Watch his audition video below. He's got an endless supply of glowing endorsements and testimonials. The crazy thing is that the first person endorsing Big Jason is Shoemoney himself. How the hell did he pull that off?"

  • Totally pissing off contestants already. While everyone else is traveling around in vans, shoemoney asked if I wanted to ride with him in his hummer. uh….yeah. While everyone waited in the sun for photos at a location, shoemoney gave me a quick tour of his pad including his home theater system where he wants me to watch the ufc fight with him on July 5th. Also saw the famous shoemoney logo in his pool.


  • Not really sure why people waste so much time hating and don't put that energy towards building relationships and having more people know, like and trust you. oh well….

i'll have more tomorrow when we find out our teams.

big jason

6 thoughts on “How to Win and Have Fun with Top Affiliate Challenge Before It Starts

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  2. JK Swopes

    Good stuff….you obviously know what you are doing and why lol

    You have a method and reason for every move you make, it’s pretty interesting to watch.


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