Entrepreneurs Vacation Club Launch by Rick Raddatz

Entrepreneurs Vacation Club launches today, and you don’t want to miss it. Rick Raddatz has done it again.

This is a monthly coaching program combined with a vacation mastermind club at luxury properties all over the world. It isn’t a timeshare. For more details , use the video player below and click play.


I attended the last test phase at the first luxury home in Breckenridge, Colorado and had a blast relaxing and growing my business with other marketers.
Entrepreneurs Vacation Club in Breckenridge, Colorado

A possible second location is this 2.1 million dollar property in the bahamas. All members vote on each additional property. I’m voting for this one in the bahamas!
The Bahamas is a possible location for the second property in the entrepreneurs vacation club

I’m already a member of the Entrepreneurs Vacation Club. Join me and lets help each other build our businesses like never before while having fun at cool places all over the world. You don’t want to leave me all alone with Rachel Rofe in the Bahamas do you?

Hope to see you in Breckenride, Colorado, the Bahamas or wherever.

Big Jason
P.S. Remember that Entrepreneurs Vacation Club launches today with the $1000 fee waived.

6 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Vacation Club Launch by Rick Raddatz

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  2. Rachel

    Why would you remove it? It elevates your status when you mention my name. If you delete it, you’re only hurting yourself… so go to town, Henderson! :)

  3. Jason Henderson

    silly wabbit! Its more of you’ll be uninvited. I already know what it means when girls are always giving me a hard time, but I need to look up what it means when they start calling me by my last name. Probably means more of the same!


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