Commenting and Linking to the Big Marketing Blog Just Got Better

A social media buddy of mine from Web 2 Submitter reminded me of what I have wanted to do for awhile which is install a dofollow plugin for my blog.

What is so great about having a dofollow plugin?  It gives more benefits to your blog readers to both comment on the posts themselves and link to them from their own blogs.

The problem with blogs is that they tell search engines to treat comment links and links from other blogs like they suck.

They put something in all comment links like so: rel="nofollow" which is what tells search engines that the links are crap.

The reason for this is to stop comment spammers who spam blogs in hopes of getting links back to their own blogs.

Well, there are plenty of great plugins to stop spammers that work great like Spam Karma 2. So having this nofollow crap is just giving your readers less incentive to comment or link to your blog. I use Spam Karma 2 and have no problems with comment spam.  I have had to delete maybe 5 comments in over a year.

So what you need to do is install a plugin to get rid of the dumb nofollow.  I wanted to search for the best plugin to do this and found Andy Beard's search engine optimization blog with a post on the best dofollow wordpress plugins. Andy is just a little fella, but he knows what he is talking about when it comes to seo and social networking.

The dofollow plugin I decide to go with is Lucia's Linky Love at Big Bucks Blogger. It has a cool feature that will remove nofollow from commenter's links after three posts or links to your blog.

There are many technical details I could go into like trackbacks, pinging, etc., but basically you should just install a dofollow plugin because I said so. I'm 6'11", 295 pounds, I took about 3 months of karate when I was younger, my good friend Joel Lucky knows jujutsu and I channel his powers when I give people a beat down and lastly I am a huge UFC fan which of course means I can adequately duplicate at least one mma move like a head butt or something (yeah, head butts are illegal, but they’re fun).

later little people,
big jason

DoFollow Community
DoFollow Community

Yeah, baby, yeah!  Comment or link to my blog or blog posts three times, and your links will have the nofollow removed. Go do it and get some love from the search engines!

12 thoughts on “Commenting and Linking to the Big Marketing Blog Just Got Better

  1. Andy Beard

    Hehe I am not that little though I have lost a little of my bulk. I used to play prop forward (tight or loose head) and Rugby players don’t wear all that sissy padding ;)

  2. Big Jason

    ;) I was more referring to your height. At 6’11”, I can reasonably assume that 9 out of 10 marketers are midgets compared to me. Yeah, we’re a bunch of big wusses here in america. :P

  3. Heather

    I installed Lucia’s Linky Love a few weeks back, and really quite like it. Having to comment 3X before the nofollow is removed is a great idea. Less chance of the one comment fly-by :)

  4. DerekBeau

    I’m not at all short, but I sure do feel “little” when compared to 6’11” :-)

    I found your blog on 45n5’s top100 and have subscribed. I’ll make it to that 3 comment mark sometime within the next couple weeks.

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  6. Deidra

    This 3 comment and the no follow tag is removed is a good idea. I think I’m going to find and implement it on my own sites too. Thanks for the heads-up.


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