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Secret Millionaire “Secrets” Revealed

My good friend and fellow baller, James Malinchak, is featured on the new ABC show Secret Millionaire.

We hung out this past weekend at his house and the Cheesecake Factory where he told me about what he is going to be revealing in conjunction with the premiere of his episode on Sunday, March 20th.

James Malinchak with me at Cheesecake Factory

In the first of three videos he is revealing his Millionaire Secrets.

These 3 secrets James shares are powerful.

It’s a pretty cool video shot at his house where we played a game of horse on his basketball court.

Go watch the video and let him know what you think.

Big Jason

John Carlton Simple Writing System for Free

My little buddy, John Carlton, is offering an express version of his famous Simple Writing System for free.

There are three mouth watering videos at absolutely no charge. They include:

* The Barroom Conversation

* Your Elevator Conversation

* Close The Deal

I personally own the full Simple Writing System and think it is the best copywriting course ever made.

Every single lesson you get for free from John is gold.

Go get it for free now.

Big Jason

Free Butterfly Marketing Software with PLR Rights

Mike Filsaime is giving away the Software to Butterfly Marketing
for Free.

– Just register with your real email

– Download Instantly (No shipping)

– No Credit Card is needed

– No continuity options.

– No Long Video

– There is No catch.

I even downloaded it myself and took screenshots to prove it.

Step 1 to download butterfly marketing software

Step 2 to download mike filsaime's butterfly marketing software

Step 3 to download butterfly marketing software from mike filsaime

Just enter your NAME and EMAIL to register and you get the software.

PLUS. . . (make sure to read)

* It is now open source

* you get PLR rights FREE (you can rebrand it and sell it.)

* You can keep all the profits

* You can use it on your own sites. As many as you want

* You can use it to build sites for others for a fee

* Comes with Free complete INSTALL Videos

Already own the software?

Well, even if you already have the Software or Home Study
course you do NOT have Private Label rights until you

Register for free PLR rights here

Big Jason

PS – Make sure to get to the site now. Mike has made a
special to you that is only available to the first charter
members that download the software. If you delay, you will
lose out.

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ShoeMoney System

ShoeMoney System Reopens Today

Jeremy Schoemaker is reopening his ShoeMoney System today to new students after rocking the internet world.

Clickbank actually said that no product at this price point has ever had such a low refund rate.

I actually have an account with the ShoeMoney System.

ShoeMoney System

Here are the main selling points:

* 60 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

* $2500 in free advertising money from companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Myspace… etc..

* The course is a complete training system walking you through the basics of just creating accounts to complex arbitrage and ppc techniques with every advertising system.

* The core training system is delivered 2-3 days a week

* bi-weekly live coaching webinars with me.

* 24/7 support

* Tons of supplemental support content

What’s new in ShoeMoney System 2.0

*** 40 new “Getting Started videos” available to
members as soon as they signup.

*** Re-arranged course material, so that members
make their first $100 before the first 30 days are over,
their first $500 before they hit day 60 and their first
$1,000 by the time they’ve been on board for 90 days.

It’s all about results.

Unlike other fly-by-night operators, the ShoeMoney System
is all about Jeremy’s brand. He’s not going anywhere and is
focusing 100% of his time and energy on continually
improving the ShoeMoney System.

Go Check Out The ShoeMoney System for Yourself

big jason
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Homeless Weirdo Jonny Andrews Makes It Online

Some people over complicate things when it comes to making it online.

Have you ever done that?

Heck, I’ve done it before too.

Watch this free video where my buddy…And former homeless weirdo (still a weirdo), Jonny Andrews, reveals how simple it really is.

I’m not kidding that he used to be homeless.

Look where he froze his ass off during a chicago winter in the picture below.

Jonny Andrews Homeless

He lived out of his car and in a tiny office above a used car lot shown above.

But now he’s made more than many gurus.

He’s also got some killer content to giveaway of how his broke ass made it big without making things harder than they have to be.

Watch This Video Now.

Go Get Jonny Andrews, former homeless and current weirdo, Free Video Content!

big jason

P.S. I’m not kidding about Jonny “still” being a weirdo.

But don’t let that stop you from learning from a guy who’s actually done it much easier than most.
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