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Man's Entire Life Sponsored for One Million Dollars

Dean Hunt from Buzz Profits in the UK has had the rest of his life sponsored by Mark Joyner of for one million dollars.

I’ve heard of people getting sponsored temporary tattoos for companies at decent money, but this is ridiculous.

Dean will be required to wear some form of branded clothing with’s logo, website and slogan every time he goes out in public.

The question that is probably going through his mind is will he be able to still brand his infamous Killer Bunnies?

My dad’s rich!

Woo Hoo!

Death to all humans!

Mark Joyner is allegedly the godfather of internet marketing and Dean is allegedly one of the world’s top buzz marketers like his infamous Bizarre Google Request.

So this seems like a match made in killer bunny heaven. Will be interesting to see if more money is earned from the “buzz” that will come out of this or the sponsorship itself through the years.

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How to Start Playing YouTube Videos Automatically

Using YouTube videos on your blog and other web pages is extremely easy to do, saves time, saves your bandwidth and thus saves you money.

But what works best on an optin page, salesletter or affiliate promotional landing page when it comes to either making your visitor click the play button or having it start automatically? That is what testing is for in marketing. Marketing is not assuming. So don’t speculate; test. That is from Dr. Flint McGlaughlin of MarketingExperiments who will be at MarketingSherpa’s 4th annual Email Summit this March in Miami.

But how do you make it so embedded youtube videos start playing automatically when someone comes your page?

I’ve included the following video to show you how.

The short and sweet answer is to include &autoplay=1 to the end of the last youtube url in the flash code they give you to place on your site.

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hope that helps,.
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P.S. See my other post on how to remove the search field and related videos from youtube videos.

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How To Make Your Links Stand Out

Do your links suck? Are they somewhat colored text or do they stand out from the rest of your text in your emails, blog posts and web pages?

Do they stand at attention and beckon your readers to click? Somewhere along the way of cascading style sheets, designers thought it would be cool to remove the underline in text links. Usability experts cried foul and rightly so.

People are trained to recognize clickable links that have an underline. I have actually tested this in emails, and underline always wins..

Lets say I want to promote the 4th annual Email Summit by MarketingSherpa. Which link stands out the most when promoting the Email Summit by MarketingSherpa?

Did you know that simply inserting a relevant graphic can not only increase your click-through rate but actually get more clicks than text alone? So wouldn’t it be logical to make your images stand out a little more rather than simply being eye candy? Believe it or not, but both images below have a border of 2.

Dr. Flint McGlaughlin and Jimmy Ellis of MarketingExperimentsDr. Flint MclGaughlin and Jimmy Ellis of MarketingExperiments

I’ve included the video below to show you how to make your links and images stand out if your blog theme, crazy web designer or something else has caused your links to blend in a little too much.

Here is the code to add to your text links. The video shows you how to do it in detail.

<a href=”” style=”text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;”>Your Text

Here is the code to make your clickable images stand out.

<img src=”” alt=”alt text” style=”padding:8px;border:1px;border-style:solid;border-color:#000000;” border=”2″>

I’m not a css jedi, so there are probably a ton more elegant ways to do it. But this is the simple copy and paste version.

Hope that helps. Subscribe to my blog below for more helpful videos.

big jason
P.S. To put a blue border around your youtube videos, add this to the youtube url in the last part of the flash code: &color1=0x2b405b&color2=0x6b8ab6&border=1
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Twitter Updates for 2008-08-03

  • dark knight has my BIG stamp of approval. they need to go darker even more though.. would like to see some tony jaa type bone breaking next #
  • @Ribeezie np. same here. yep, it was amazing #
  • wow. largest blog contest ever has exposed quite a few bloggers with no balls. they can’t conceive how anybody could ever ask such high fees #
  • @SuperAffiliate amember rocks #
  • @SuperHatz just us wabbits #
  • @missylol awesome. be sure to read the task list again. added two tasks #

Twitter Updates for 2008-08-02

  • looks like i’m pretty much moving to bakersfield, ca to help lil sis, her five piglets and my folks with poor health. anybody out here? ;) #
  • @SuperHatz thanks man. appreciate it #
  • just setup my first facebook ad with $100 ad coupon from here #
  • btw, when it asks u to grant access to all your friends, etc. when adding the application, say NO. you still get the coupon in an email #
  • @ZnaTrainer thanks. much love. if you want to see the five piglets, here is a vid eo #
  • @Rick_Butts i’ll see if piggly wiggly can hop on over and add u #
  • @SuperHatz awesome. thanks for sharing. this will be a good test run. interesting that I see “seeking men” ads from time to time ;) #
  • @MichaelDWalker sure u want it known that u chat with me michael? #
  • @MichaelDWalker just because u know, like & trust me…i think. don’t spoil it for everyone else ;) have good night and enjoy rehearsals…. #
  • @MichaelDWalker think nothin of of it. give her a huge for me and munchkin too. nite p.s. get that blog up or deal with piggly wiggly #
  • @MichaelDWalker did i just say “give her a huge for me”? ;) oops hug for me #
  • @weblaunches looking forward to the video ;) #
  • @MattDetrick enter things into mark joyner’s free simpleology #
  • @MattDetrick cool stuff #
  • first advertiser booked an ad spot on my blog with performance ads #
  • @MattDetrick will and determination and better posture breaks every hour #
  • @MattDetrick ergonomics is just one part. getting ass up to do posture stretches is the big thing. use simpleology components to focus, etc #